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Silver City – Revisited

I’m enjoying being back in the NW and especially in Kitsap County where the restaurants are unique and homey.  The franchises are few and far between but the food is still wonderful!  Silver City Brewery in Silverdale, WA is no exception.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure to revisit one of my favorite dining spots in Silverdale with a good friend.  Although Silver City is undergoing a remodel, that did not keep the staff from being as accommodating as usual.  The waitstaff in this establishment always goes the extra mile in this blogger’s opinion – something that makes the dining experience all the more pleasurable.  The cost may be a bit above others, but the ambience, the food and the service make it well worth it!

I dined on my favorite entree – filet mignon.  This was served with clam chowder and Silver City does it well, I do believe that only Ivar’s compares.  I have missed this meal since I’ve been away for the last year.  A filet mignon topped with my favorite treat of (not on the menu, this must be asked for), haystack onion strings or garlic butter if you so choose.  I opted not to a bulb of roasted garlic.  An addition of asparagus – my favorite veggie and I favor very few of those!

A great meal with a good friend sharing a fun time – who could ask for more?  Me, that’s who!  We added creme brulee cheesecake and it was so creamy and delightful and I wanted a second piece.  I was hesitant as I usually like my cheesecake with fruit topping but when my friend received her piece it looked so delightful, I couldn’t resist and ordered one for myself!

I will always recommend Silver City — in the heart of Silverdale and worth every bite!!


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