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My Return to the PNW – So Good To Be Home!

After spending 9 months in Northern Minnesota with my family, I have finally returned to the home I love – the great PNW!  Where the mountains are stupendous, the food is fabulous and the people are the friendliest on the planet.  Having lived in Montana and now in the Midwest, I can easily say that there is no place I would rather be living for a multitude of reasons.  One day, while in a salon I met a young woman who was planning to move to Portland.  She asked what the best thing about Seattle was… I paused for a moment to think, there were so many reasons I could think of.  I first thought of my friends that meant so much to me but they would mean nothing to her.  I then thought of Mt. Rainier and the other mountain ranges whose daily views I had grown to miss as much as the air I took in.  But it all came down to the food.  Living in a rural small town and suddenly having limited culinary choices was almost painful to me.  I yearned to have sushi once again – sushi that was prepared by a true sushi chef, not in a grocery store.  Chinese food that was not in a buffet line.  Thai food I didn’t have to drive 200 miles to taste.  Seafood and quality chowder… well, we were miles from the ocean so that was pretty much out of the question.

So let my new adventure begin… in the kitchen and in restaurants… I hope to challenge myself to try foods I haven’t tried before.  Please join me on my adventure!




  Angela Dice wrote @

Welcome back! Glad to see your comment on the Food Life. I look forward to reading more about your dining adventures, and even though I’ve left the Sun, I hope we can cross paths again soon.

  annelisa62 wrote @

Sorry to hear you have left the Sun. I’m glad to be back and have missed blogging for the Sun but will continue on my own and hope to gather a following. Keep in touch and I’m sure our paths will cross again.

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