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Archive for October, 2010

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.  A diary primarily of my epicurean adventures in the PNW and beyond, but will include other thoughts, ideas and happenings in my life.

A little about me.. I am 48, unmarried but not single, presently residing/working in Minnesota to spend some time with daughter and parents… will return to Seattle in May (yahoo!).  I miss Seattle desperately for many reasons… friends, food, culture, work, the list is endless… but for now I am in the Midwest… I would call it Siberia quite shortly…. but will continue to review restaurants from here as well… all food does deserve to reviewed after all.

I have no culinary training…  I am an accountant by trade.. but do appreciate a good meal…  I enjoy comfort food to gourmet food and am willing to pay extra for the very best.  I am not one who indulges in vegetables however…  best not to tell me what I’m eating if you want me to try something you think I may not like…  that’s how we end up liking new things I have found… that’s how I ended up liking sushi… I’ll try anything once….  but if I don’t like it…  that’s probably going to be it for life…

That’s it for today……………….